About The Company
What Our Customers Say

”We’ve worked with TSS for a number of years and this year they moved our 100-position trading floor to a new building, complete with all the private wires, well within the scheduled time and cost, and with no dramas. We trust them.”
Collin Jackson
Head Of Trading Systems, JB Drax Honoré
”Sunrise is part of the BGC Group and our trading brokers expect instant answers. TSS has always been great at getting them up and running again very fast.“
Darren Johnson
Information Systems Manager Sunrise Brokers
"TSS are rolling-out our turrets and voice-recording systems around the globe. The go-lives so far have been very successful."
Global Energy Company
"TSS are supporting our Etrali turrets and Nice recording. It was great that they enabled us to plan our future in our own good time, and their highly effective support model means there is no rush."
Head of Treading Systems
Global Energy & Natural Resources Company
"TSS are great partners for us, they have developed a lot of expertise that is hard to find elsewhere in the market."
Chris Wearne
MD UK and Ireland, ASC Technologies
"TSS are supporting our IPC turrets and Nice recording. We’ve found them to be very responsive and knowledgeable and they arrive on-site very quickly when we need help”
Stewart Clutterbuck
GPS IT Telecoms & Comms
"TSS have provided us with exemplary service supplying international direct lines and supporting our BT turret system. We know that we can rely on them for the support we need at a reasonable price - especially in emergency situations when we need someone to go the extra mile for us.“
Phil Jump
Director, Amerex Petroleum Singapore
"It was a wow moment, truly appreciate their capabilities, perseverance in ensuring timely delivery above and beyond my expectations."
Vijay Rajagopal
Margin Optimisation Advisor, Shell