Trader Voice Network


TSS are now deploying TVN “Trader Voice Network” service for delivery of trader voice lines to international regions. Customers can expect savings of up to 70% on existing line costs.

How Does It Work ?

TSS is not offering the customer a End to End voice solution. What we offer is an extension of the customer’s network via our SIP gateway architecture to any central location currently on our network. The customer will then order a local circuit for the "last Mile" from any of the providers. Our service is based on public internet and is proven to be as reliable as any direct private wire solution.

What does it cost ?

Annual membership fee to access the network £1000.00

Cost per channel depending on the End Point locations.

What do you have to do?

Included in the membership fee is management and consultancy. You tell us where you want the lines and we manage it on behalf of you. You receive your bill from the chosen provider as a local circuit. We charge you for the network access.






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