Trader-Voice Systems

Trading Support is one of the UK leading independent dealer voice maintainers. We currently maintain dealer voice solutions solutions. For smaller comapnies we can offer a Hosted IP solution based on 1 to 100 turret configuration.

Trading Support has fully qualified engineers and holds a large stock of spares for all systems, providing unparalleled maintenance service and spares.

Trading Support has for many years had specialist skills in supporting London’s traders with their dealer board systems.  We provide independent consultancy, dealer room planning and design (including network infrastructure), installation, ongoing support and maintenance for all hardware and software products. 

Trading Support also have an established and successful history providing voice and data services throughout the city of London.  We are carrier independant and interconnect with all the major Tier-1 providers.  Our switches provide the hub where these carriers are combined into a single manager platform.  This ensures your business has connectivity options across all major voice carriers offering global connectivity and the highest level of service.

This service is also available with a disaster recovery option.  Livenumber is a product designed for companies that cannot be without their voice network under any circumstances.  Livenumber ensures complete resilience of your voice network so the business can continue to make and recieve calls.  Calls are delivered to mobile, home, disaster recovery DDi's, another site office or any other nominated location.  These calls also have the flexibility of also being recorded for certain individuals or entire teams.

Trading Support also offers high speed internet access.  Access into the network is available at speeds from 2Mb to 1Gb and can be delivered in a highly resilient configuration with no single point of failure.  Often our clients that will require this level of service will also require other complex services such as High Availability Hosting or Multi-Homing.  Trading Support has the expertise to assess the best solution for your business.