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TSS has developed a hosted Dealer Voice solution. Our system is currently hosted in a Tier3 high security data centre and has capacity built in for up to 300 turrets.

The solution has multiple, diverse connectivity to the dealer voice market from all major market providers. PSTN and SIP connectivity to provide cost effective telephony and IP service provioion.


The  Turret is IP enabled allowing quick and simple deployment at a cost effective lease solution. There are 3 methods of deployment depending on the infrastructure within the client’s site.

  1. Public IP (Internet)-  This is the basic entry level connection solution. The turret is configured to connect to a Public IP routed the hosted platform. This is very quick and simple to implement. This solution is reliant on the public internet and is subject to connection issues due to non secure bandwidth. This is recommended for single turret use without O’Bs
  2. VPN  (Internet)- This option provides additional bandwidth security and is suitable for turrets that require O’Bs and speakers. The number of Turrets will be dependent on the Internet bandwidth at the local site.
  3. Lease Line- Connectivity via leased line provides the most secure and highest method of connection. Based on a 100mb Layer2 circuit we can provide up to 50 Turrets.

By connecting to TSS platform our customers can immediately benefit from the connectivity and cost saving solution we have in place which include

  • No hardware or infrastructure costs
  • Dealer Voice Connectivity with improved pricing from multiple suppliers and no installation costs or delivery delays
  • ISDN connectivity with no circuit rental costs
  • PSTN call reduction from SIP wholesale connectivity
  • Voice recording on a channel basis with no hardware costs
  • No maintenance charges

Security of Service

By hosting our system in a Tier3 Data centre we have guaranteed the security of power and connectivity. This enables the system to be 99.9999 % up time.

Additional system security is added by the latest deign carried out by our highly skilled voice and network engineers. The system is based on fault tolerance system with fail over services for all key components.

Compliance and DR

By connecting to the TSS Hosted platform you automatically have a built in DR solution. The system allows you to place turrets in remote locations from the office providing user flexibility and control. Each customer will have remote access to its recording and can download or remote playback at the customer site.

Cost Basis

What does the system cost?  The cost base for connecting to the TSS Hosted platform is very simplistic to keep our customer completely comfortable with the solution.

The cost basis is as below;

  • Hosted Turret inclusive of 2 voice recording channels.
  • PSTN call charged on usage levels at agreed rates.
  • Dealer voice lines charged at market rates







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