News Dec 12, 2019 - TSS & Flexenet working together to provide a complete solution

TSS and Flexenet, the leading alternative source of trader-voice private wires, are excited to have teamed up to provide and support trading turrets, voice recording and private wires as a single integrated solution. Options include:

  • Maintenance and support of legacy trading systems and voice recording
  • Supply of refurbished trading turrets e.g. IPC and Etrali
  • New physical turrets with on-prem or cloud infrastructure
  • Voice recording systems and compliance tools
  • New Flexeturret soft-turret for Windows (PC, tablet or laptop)
  • Trader-Voice private wires and connectivity

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Trading System Support is the largest global independent provider and maintainer of Dealer-Voice Solutions. We Supply, Install, Maintain and Upgrade new and used systems from all leading dealer-voice and voice-recording manufacturers including: Etrali, IPC, BT, Speakerbus, Nice, Red Box, ASC, Mida and Verint

Our Services include...

  • Maintenance and Support for all End-of-Life Dealer- Voice Hardware
    TSS is the only global maintainer than can offer ongoing support for all current Dealer Voice Solution. We can provide continued expansion and upgrade solution bringing your legacy hardware into the 21st Century. We currently hold over £300k of stock of Spares that can be delivered same day to any central location. Our trained engineers can provide a fast and professional installation and consultancy service.
  • Supply and Installation of Dealer-Voice Solutions from major vendors
    TSS can provide complete solutions to meet any customer’s requirements. Most new systems today are integrated into the enterprise-architecture of LAN, WAN and SAN and typically implemented using virtualised applications 

  • Hosted Dealer-Voice Services
    TSS operates one of the largest hosted dealer voice systems globally. We have traders in over 30 companies globally connecting to the London platform. Our solution offers quick, simple and cost effective connectivity to the dealer voice network from any global location via a basic Internet Service. Complete with Voice Recording and local dial-access via a SIP trunk, traders can be connected within 24 hours.
  • Voice Recording Supply and Support
    TSS can provide a cost effective solution to maintain existing End of Life recording hardware from NICE, Red Box, ASC, Verint and others. Recording-check systems and services are being provided to many customers today and speech transcription into plain text is becoming popular to enable call content details to be attached to compliance records and CRM systems.
  • IP Solutions Provider
    TSS can provide IP/SIP based trader-voice systems to better integrate into the enterprise archictecture, avoid islands of technology and leverage investments. Hardware-turrets are still the main platform however soft-turrets are available from most manufacturers which enable mobile trading and simple disaster-recovery solutions.
  • Dealer-Voice Connectivity
    TSS operates it internal SIP gatewaysservices to provide global connectivity with cost reductions of up to 70% on international broker lines. By becoming a member of the TSS Core Network Services “CNS” we offer customers an extension of their existing network to any city in any country. From there they can order and manage their dealer voice requirements at a local rate.
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions
    TSS has a number of office suites fully fitted out for trading in the event of a disaster involving the main site or for extra space at peak times. Facilities includes desks, multiple screens, phones and computers. These DR positions are located in Essex, just a few stops from Liverpool Street. They are dedicated to particular customers, so each set-up can be regularly tested to ensure the minimum down-time in the event of a catastrophic failure.

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